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Oh! Hello. You’ve come this far so I guess I should tell you a bit about myself. I mean that’s what you were expecting by clicking the link that drove you here, right? I’ll be honest though, I’m not really all that into talking about myself ,and most of this stuff you can find out with a quick Google search anyway, but I’ll save you a bit of time. You were nice enough to to stop by, so it’s the least I can do.

I’m fairly short, only about five foot five (1.6 meters for you European types) and I have brown hair. Wait… that’s not what you want to know is it? You want to know about why I should master project. Fine. I’ll get right to that then. Enough small talk.

I started in the early 90’s at The Hit Factory Mastering in New York City, one of the greatest studios ever. Don’t believe me? Look it up. I was working under legends such as Herb Powers Jr., Chris Gehringer and Tom Coyne. It was they who taught me how to EQ and cut and I owe a lot to them. It was only a short time before I did my first session. They threw me an easy one with no pressure- CELINE DION! It went great and I continued from there without ever looking back.  I mastered for Puffy, OutKast, Lil Wayne, Montell Jordan, The Wu-Tang Clan, Mary Mary and more. Lots of great hip-hop and R&B.  It was a blast, but after nine years or so I moved to Sony Music Studios.

Sony was an amazing place. I like to say that Hit Factory is where I learned my craft and Sony is where I really came into myself. The projects got better and better and my client base grew to all over the world. I started doing reggae from Japan(!), pop from Australia, hip-hop from the UK and I started to make a name for myself in The Balkans. I worked on projects that sold millions of records, won Aria Awards, Eurovision contests, Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, etc…

Nine years seems to be my magic number because after about that long Sony shut it’s doors and I moved on. I had decided it was time to open my own spot. I never liked working for other people and it was time to “stick it to the man”. I opened Zeitgeist Sound Studios, a world-class facility and never looked back. I’m doing what I love and don’t feel like I’ve ever worked a day in my life. I get to listen to music for a living. What could be better?

Oh yeah. I never told you why you should master your project with me, did I? Well the quick answer would be that I’m the greatest mastering engineer in the world. Don’t believe me? Look it up.*

I told you I don’t like talking about my self.

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*you probably won’t find actual documentation of that